Artist Statement

My works are mostly to build the relationship between digital technology and natural ecology. The emergence of digital technology affects human beings' current living state and gradually break the boundaries between real and virtual. My works blur the lines between illusion and reality, objective and subjective, the material and the spiritual. I examine the conflict and balance between reality and the illusionistic world narratively.


My works focus on two themes. One is exploring the interactive experience between humans and nature in digital form on the internet and virtual reality works. The other is mankind’s desire to be part of nature and have a spiritual connection with natural ecology is shown in my photographs and moving images.


Xin Wang studied Art and Technology and New Media Art at the School of Art Institute in Chicago. Her works are committed to using multiple media, including  interactive online projects, virtual reality, net art, moving images, and photography. She is concerned about the state of human existence, especially in the environment of digital technology and natural ecology. Also, she is the founder of SIY film platform. 





Tel: +86 13829764311

Wechat: ww726051362

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